For the Grinch in your life…

We have just what you need!

We’ve got some handmade activated charcoal soap, cut and bagged to look like lumps of coal. It’s perfect for a gag gift, or the naughty person on your list. These ones are glycerin and activated charcoal, scented with mango and papaya. We’ve also got goat’s milk and activated charcoal, scented with eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils. Or, if you like activated charcoal soap, but would prefer a bar, just let us know.

Lumps of Coal Soap

Handmade Soap

New soaps

If you’ve been eyeing the dwindling choices in my handmade soap basket, I have good news for you! I brought two new batches in to the shop this week – a creamy white Apple Cider scented Mango and Shea Butter soap, and a translucent Maple Sugar scented Olive Oil and Glycerin soap. Come have a sniff – it’s guaranteed to have less calories than anything maple you could eat! :)

Handmade Pottery

We just got a new delivery of handmade pottery from Marilyn – a few new yarn bowls, and lots of mugs. I always love her stuff. Beautiful glazes, a great variety of shapes and sizes, and they’re amazingly light for handmade pottery. These are my favourites this time around. We’ve had some mugs before with trees, but this is a new design and glaze, and with the matching yarn bowl, it’s just crying out for an afternoon of knitting with a friend and a couple of piping hot teas!

New Pottery

Sneak Preview

A lot of you have been asking about our Christmas expansion… so, we have a teeny tiny sneak peak for you. Come on by the store to check it out!

We’ve shifted our kids books a bit, and put up a couple of the new book shelves, so we’ve now got double the space for teen books and young readers!

Local musicians

While we don’t sell CDs here, we think it’s a great idea to support the local artistic community. So… if you love the music at the PRSA’s monthly Coffee Houses here at Faking Sanity, or if you have a music lover on your Christmas list, why not get them one of Dawson’s very talented musicians’ CDs? Several of the coffee house regulars have CDs out or are releasing new ones right now, and they’re sure to be a real treat. For example, Wayne Ezeard’s brand new CD is now available at the Art Gallery or Bill’s News here in town, or at Diamond Willow Retreat. Check out the Peace River Songwriters Associations Facebook page for details about others!



Ugh renos

Renovations, I have decided, are something you can put up with if you can look at the end result, and say “that looks way better than it did”. It makes it worth the pain and hassle. If, on the other hand, you are changing stuff like the bathroom subfloor, which you can’t see after the fact, it makes the process seem a little less rewarding… On the other hand, we’ll be a few steps closer to expanding our bookstore into the back room after this week is over, and I’m getting a great work out this week, so I guess it’s worth it!

A new addition to the store…

In preparation for World Wide Knit in Public Day, Bun Bun has recruited some friends. Meet Bertie the Bear.

While he doesn’t knit, he’ll happily wear handknits, and treat them with the love and respect they deserve!

Do You Remember Bun-Bun?

Some of you may remember Bun-Bun from when we were renovating and first opened the shop. We shared photos of Bun-Bun inspecting the shelves, scanning in books, etc. This month, we’re decorating the shop with various knitting and fibre-related projects created by our Stitch n’ B**** regulars as a lead up to our Worldwide Knit in Public Event on the 18th. And Bun-Bun just couldn’t stay away!

He’s learned how to knit for the occasion. As you can see, he’s working on a baby Koolhaas hat. I don’t know if he’ll finish it before the event, but he’s doing pretty well handling those 2 sets of circular needles, don’t you think?

T Minus 45 Hours

This is it.  The last 2 days before opening.  You don’t want to see our to-do list, trust me.  But we’ve made 3 loafs and 6 dozen cookies this morning and another 12-15 dozen are next on the list. And then a cheesecake. You would not believe how amazing the place smells!  Chocolate and ginger and cinnamon!

Progress! Before and after…

Finally! It was a long day – mostly because I took a long lunch break, but today, I finished the final coat of red paint in the book room, including all the trim.

Remember this?

It now looks like this (the whitish wall still needs to be painted, but that’s tomorrow’s job):

And this is the look of the red in the book room through the lobby’s cut out wall (due to lighting issues and the fact that the paint was still wet, the colour on the side wall is the most true):

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