Love journals?

Do you have a writing journal tucked away in every corner of your home? Or a drawer full of pretty journals? Cindy’s the same, so we’ve gotten in a variety of journals for the shop. Come have a peek! From punch/thread bound ones with beautiful cover prints to small nautical themed leather ones, to larger leather ones with refillable pages, to tiny bird-themed ones that are easy to carry around everywhere, there’s a little something for everyone.


It’s our Back to School Sale!

Whether you have a kid in school, or are a student or teacher yourself, we’ve got something for you. This week and next, until we close Saturday, September 16th, all kids and teen books are 20% off, as are all teacher resources. Come check them out!

Gender Failure

Gender FailureEvery once in a while, you read a book that seems to be exactly what you need to read at that very moment. It’s happened to me a few times, and those books tend to stick with you. That was Gender Failure for me.

I first heard Rae’s music at a folk fest in Calgary, and encountered Ivan through one of their other books (The Slow Fix), but didn’t know much else about either of them. I always enjoy getting to know the author behind a book a bit better, so this book was great in that regard. It’s not a book that fits in or describes neat little boxes, though. It’s not about coming out, or choosing a new label to identify by, or transitioning from female to male or vice versa. It’s both simpler and more complicated than all of those. It’s about the journey of self-discovery both of these authors have taken. It’s about being ok with who you are, and not worrying about labels, and about coming to terms with the fact that other people might not see the same labels or boxes for you that you do – choosing to focus on our similarities rather than pointing out each other’s differences, and celebrating the diversity, whether we all use the exact same terms to describe ourselves or not.

Horror of Horrors…

New horror section
Do you love classic horror novels? We’ve made finding them easier than ever before. We’ve created a new small section for horror in our main book room, just at the end of fiction. Happy hunting!

His Majesty’s Dragon

Temeraire aka His Majesty's DragonMy first foray into historical fantasy was a fabulous intro. The Temeraire series by Naomi Novik is one of my all time favourites. The characters are amazingly well-written and have great depth, the historical details are researched in great detail, and the story is epic.

The series is set during the Napoleonic wars, but with a twist. Naval battles are obviously a critical part of the war effort, but the turning point is most often the air force of dragons. However, naval officers such as Laurence, the Captain of the Reliant, are respected men of standing, whereas the Aerial Corps’ officers are seen as crude and unrefined.

The book begins in the heat of battle, where we meet Laurence, having just taken the French ship AmitiĆ©. Given that the AmitiĆ©’s crew is depleted, Laurence is surprised and displeased at the loss of life and damage caused because their Captain offered battle rather than surrendering. We find out why almost immediately – they are carrying a precious dragon egg that is about to hatch. Dragons are fascinating creatures in this world. We learn that they must be harnessed by their permanent handler immediately after birth, or they remain feral for their entire lives. No naval officer would ever give up his career for the Aerial Corps, but this egg is about to hatch, and England’s air forces are sadly lacking, and they can’t risk this dragon going feral, so they draw lots to see who will be doomed to be the dragon’s handler. However, the dragon decides to imprint himself on none other than Captain Will Laurence, whose world instantly falls apart.

All is not lost, though, because Laurence learns that the life of a dragon’s handler is not at all what he expected. His promising career is gone, as are the prestige and riches he would garner as a naval officer, but he finds something much more in his relationship with Temeraire and the Aerial Corps.

And thus, an epic adventure begins, with the most intelligent, precocious, fascinating dragon you will ever read about – Temeraire – and his new handler, Will Laurence.

This whole series is fabulous, and this first book had me hook, line and sinker from the very first paragraph; I just couldn’t put it down. It’s intelligent, fast-paced, full of intrigue, but also full of budding friendships and deep philosophical dicussions. Temeraire is probably one of the best written characters I’ve read in years. If you haven’t read these yet, do yourself a favour, and pick up the first book His Majesty’s Dragon (or Temeraire for the British edition). You absolutely won’t regret it!

Dollar Days

We decided it was time for another $1 book sale – all books on our markdown table are now only $1 each. If there’s anything you’re interested in, now’s the time!

The Mayan Prophecy

The Mayan ProphecyI first read a Steve Alten novel when a friend jokingly pointed out his Meg series as a joke (prehistoric Megalodon in modern day waters). I loved it! This past month, I decided it was time to try another from his Domain Trilogy this time: The Mayan Prophecy. It was an interesting look at an old story. The story begins as we meet Michael Gabriel, a long-term patient in a psychiatric ward, and the new intern assigned to his case. Michael’s father had some pretty unbelievable theories about the origins and meanings of the monolithic structures we’ve all studied in history classes, and was exiled from the scientific community. Michael believes that the fate of all mankind rests on his father’s research, though, and so… the adventure begins.

The Gi Diet by Rick Gallop

gi dietI don’t read diet books, but when customers buy multiple copies so they have spares to lend out, I knew I had to have a look. It’s actually a really great book, with a very common sense approach to nutrition. Foods are basically divided into 3 categories – the ones you can eat as much as you want of, those you should eat in moderation, and those you should stay away from whenever possible, based on their glycemic index. There’s no calorie or point counting, and it’s so flexible, you can eat out just about anywhere and still follow the plan with ease. It’s also a simple plan that’s easy to remember, and yet doesn’t make you feel like you should beat yourself up if you do eat all the foods in the “avoid” category. It was a good book, and we have a couple of copies left if you would like to take a look for yourself.


Deal time!

If you were eyeing our purses while they were on sale in December, you’ll be happy to know we’ve decided to extend the sale to the end of January. We’ve also got a whole new selection of books on the sale table – all at a 50 to 80% discount.

Come check them out!

For Better or For Worse…

I love Lynn Johnston’s For Better or For Worse comics – especially the earlier ones. I would sit down every Saturday morning with the paper, and find the funnies, and these were always the first ones I read. Even now, many, many years later, I can pick one up, and re-read it, and it instantly puts a smile on my face. We have several of the For Better or For Worse collections in stock. Come check them out, and bring back memories of your childhood! Here’s one of my favourites:

Things are Looking Up

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