Gender Failure

Gender FailureEvery once in a while, you read a book that seems to be exactly what you need to read at that very moment. It’s happened to me a few times, and those books tend to stick with you. That was Gender Failure for me.

I first heard Rae’s music at a folk fest in Calgary, and encountered Ivan through one of their other books (The Slow Fix), but didn’t know much else about either of them. I always enjoy getting to know the author behind a book a bit better, so this book was great in that regard. It’s not a book that fits in or describes neat little boxes, though. It’s not about coming out, or choosing a new label to identify by, or transitioning from female to male or vice versa. It’s both simpler and more complicated than all of those. It’s about the journey of self-discovery both of these authors have taken. It’s about being ok with who you are, and not worrying about labels, and about coming to terms with the fact that other people might not see the same labels or boxes for you that you do – choosing to focus on our similarities rather than pointing out each other’s differences, and celebrating the diversity, whether we all use the exact same terms to describe ourselves or not.

Horror of Horrors…

New horror section
Do you love classic horror novels? We’ve made finding them easier than ever before. We’ve created a new small section for horror in our main book room, just at the end of fiction. Happy hunting!

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