Minis and bigger minis!

Do you enjoy mini-skein projects? Whether it’s little 10 gram minis for a mitred square or hexipuff blanket, franken-socks and stripey hats, or larger 20 gram minis for contrasting heels, toes and cuffs, or even a multi-coloured stripey shawl, we’ve got you covered! We now have a basket of assorted 10 gram minis, at $3 each, as well as cupcake boxes full of 6 coordinating 20 gram minis in coordinating coluors of our Faking Sanity Fixation yarn. Here’s a peak!

Yarn Cupcake Sets

Mini skeins


O Christmas Tea!

Do you have a tea lover on your Christmas list? Or are you looking for an advent calendar that isn’t just chocolate?

Come check out our O Christmas Tea advent calendar – a tea to unwrap for each of the 24 days leading up to Christmas – or try a smaller customized mailbox style tea tin.

o christmas tea advent calendar

Project Bags

This one’s for the crafters among you. Do you love having a small project bag for every project, so you can just grab and go? We’ve got an assortment of both nylon and cloth drawstring bags that are perfect for the job, and starting at $5, they’re a great deal, too!

project bags

Bis-Sock… now speckled!

Have you tried Biscotte et Cie yarn yet? Their Bis-Sock yarn is an amazing base, and we’ve had their self-striping yarns in for a little while now, but we decided it was time for a small addition. We’ve got a few new colourways of the self-striping in, as well as their new speckled colourways, which are so cheery!

Bis-Sock Speckles

Love journals?

Do you have a writing journal tucked away in every corner of your home? Or a drawer full of pretty journals? Cindy’s the same, so we’ve gotten in a variety of journals for the shop. Come have a peek! From punch/thread bound ones with beautiful cover prints to small nautical themed leather ones, to larger leather ones with refillable pages, to tiny bird-themed ones that are easy to carry around everywhere, there’s a little something for everyone.


It’s our Back to School Sale!

Whether you have a kid in school, or are a student or teacher yourself, we’ve got something for you. This week and next, until we close Saturday, September 16th, all kids and teen books are 20% off, as are all teacher resources. Come check them out!

Gender Failure

Gender FailureEvery once in a while, you read a book that seems to be exactly what you need to read at that very moment. It’s happened to me a few times, and those books tend to stick with you. That was Gender Failure for me.

I first heard Rae’s music at a folk fest in Calgary, and encountered Ivan through one of their other books (The Slow Fix), but didn’t know much else about either of them. I always enjoy getting to know the author behind a book a bit better, so this book was great in that regard. It’s not a book that fits in or describes neat little boxes, though. It’s not about coming out, or choosing a new label to identify by, or transitioning from female to male or vice versa. It’s both simpler and more complicated than all of those. It’s about the journey of self-discovery both of these authors have taken. It’s about being ok with who you are, and not worrying about labels, and about coming to terms with the fact that other people might not see the same labels or boxes for you that you do – choosing to focus on our similarities rather than pointing out each other’s differences, and celebrating the diversity, whether we all use the exact same terms to describe ourselves or not.

Horror of Horrors…

New horror section
Do you love classic horror novels? We’ve made finding them easier than ever before. We’ve created a new small section for horror in our main book room, just at the end of fiction. Happy hunting!

Tea time!

I just love the variety of styles for tea infusers, and I have to admit, I have a soft spot for the slightly whimsical ones. We’ve gotten a few in recently that I just love. What do you think? My favourite is the diver – he even comes with a little tray to set him on after removing him from your cup, so he doesn’t drip all over the table.

Diver, snail, fish on a line, shark, platypus and elephant tea infusers

The Perfect Shot

Are you a photograper with a serious need for caffeine? We have just the thing – a lidded camera lens mug!

lens mugs

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