We brought in the new Majestic colour needles from Knitpicks – beautiful teal and purple loveliness! Come take a peek!

majestic ndls


There are 4 moose in the store! It’s an invasion! Is a herd of pottery moose still called a herd, or is it a collection?


A Wall of Stitch Markers

Well, maybe not a wall, but lots! We’ve got a bin full of individual stitch markers and a display of stitch marker sets – all hand made by Cindy. There are simple rings and fancy shapes, beaded markers and chainmail ones. Come take a peak!

stitch marker display

The Hunt for Atlantis

The Hunt for Atlantis

Are you sick of the typical Atlantis novels? You know – the lost city of Atlantis has been found in modern day [fill in the blank here]? There are many novels with this premise, some good and some bad, but what I love about Andy McDermott’s The Hunt for Atlantis is that it tackles Atlantis from a slightly different angle. It’s also my typical reading preference in that it’s like a B-movie in book form. There’s lots of adventure, and quite a few plot twists along the way to the final dénouement, including some secret societies and historical tie ins. The plot is lots of fun, if not always believable; ironically, though, the Atlantis history and lore in the book is. This is not high literature, but it’s a great, light summer read. Grab a drink, and head out to the patio!


Read the World!

We’ve got a new display up where we normally have our staff picks. We’ve picked an assortment of books written by authors from Indonesia, Portugal, Pakistan, Russia, China, Swaziland… and various other areas! Come check them out, and read your way around the world!

It’s the end of the world as we know it…

ItstheEndoftheWorldBooksI get so little time to read these days. When I do reach for a novel, I typically want a light, quick read with lots of action and/or adventure. Some of my favourite authors have at least one book whose plot can be summarized something like this: “It’s the end of the world! No… it’s not.” Reading them is like watching a B-movie… they don’t typically offer tons of character development, but the action is fun and fast paced.

If you love the disease outbreak movies like Contagion, Outbreak or Quarantine, check out Daniell Kalla. If natural diaster movies are more your thing, check out Kim Stanley Robinson or Frank Schatzing. If you like a little science or pseudo-science in your books and B-movies, you definitely should read The Martian by Andy Weir. Some of the best parts of the book don’t really work for a movie and were left out, but it’s definitely a fun read, even if you’ve already seen the movie. If the secret treasure/secret society movies like Indiana Jones or The Da Vinci Code are more your style, why not check out Raymond Khoury, Andy McDermott, James Rollins, James Reilly, Thomas Greanias, or even the rest of Dan Brown’s books? There are lots of authors that write this type of book, so if you like this type of story, you’re sure to find one whose writing style you like. We have lots in stock right now, along with more recommendations, if you’re looking for some light summer reading!


Summer Vacation

Just a quick reminder that we are closed July 1st through July 10th this year for our summer vacation. We wish you all a happy Canada Day, and we’ll see you again on the 11th. Please note that our regular Thursday knit night will be cancelled on July 7th while we are closed.

Mmm… cashmere is yummy!

We’ve got a new surprise for you all! Some of you have tried the Yarn Indulgences Indulgent DK we’ve had in the past. We brought in more of that, but you just have to come in and squish the new Zed MCN Worsted and Zed Luxe Sock (also an MCN). Man, it doesn’t take much cashmere to totally change the feel of a base yarn, and these are both luxurious! They also come in new colourways. Come check them out!

Note: Any yarn that is drooled on must be purchased; sorry!

Cashmere and wool

The Swarm

The name and cover were enough to convince me I had to read this one, before I even read the blurb at the back to see what it was about. In this case, you really can judge a book by it’s cover!

Intense, but not too realistic, with lots of pseudo-science to appeal to my geeky nature. Be forewarned, you do have to suspend disbelief as you’re reading, but it’s a very fun read. It reads a bit like an ecological disaster novel, and a bit like a “monsters of the deep” novel, which you probably guessed from the title. If you love Andy Weir (The Martian), Thomas Greanias (Raising Atlantis) and the like, you should check out Frank Schatzing and The Swarm!

The Swarm

The Dark Unwinding by Sharon Cameron

the dark unwindingWhen a rumour that her uncle is squandering the family fortune surfaces, Katharine Tulman is sent to his estate to have him committed to an asylum. But instead of a lunatic, Katharine discovers a genius inventor, who is employing a village of nine hundred people rescued from the workhouses of London. Katherine is soon torn between protecting her own livelihood and preserving the peculiar community she grows to care for.

This is one of those books that is so engrossing that you finish it, put it down, and then look at the clock and realize that you really should have stopped 10 chapters ago when you had planned on stopping, because now it’s really late and you have to get up in 5 hours. I mean, not that I know that from personal experience… Probably a good thing that I didn’t have the sequel handy or I may not have slept at all!

Besides the compelling plot, it’s also got a couple of fascinating characters. I especially liked seeing Katharine blossom as she got out from under the influence of her guardian, despite the shadow cast by Aunt Alice even when she was hundreds of miles away.

All together, it’s an interesting, fast-paced historical tale, with a touch of steampunk-y flavour that will appeal of teens and adults alike.

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