Delivery Day!

Everyone loves getting parcels, right? We got a few yesterday that were very exciting.

We restocked our regular wallets, but also got some from a few new designers, and we really love them. One designer does northern landscapes (auroras, orcas, etc), while the other does edgier designs (dragons, gargoyles, etc). Here’s a sneak peek from yesterday’s shipment:

We also got in a brand new yarn for the shop. Have you ever tried Opal. It’s a lovely, soft yarn, that comes in a vast array of colours, and we’ve got about 30 different ones for you to choose from. There are some regular variegated colourways, as well as many that are self-striping or self-patterning. My favourite is a colour called Smokey Eyes and Coloured Lips:

Seven Deadly Wonders

Seven Deadly WondersWhat? Didn’t you know the 7 wonders of the world were deadly?

This book by Matthew Reilly is one you will either love or hate – if you like fast paced action/adventure novels, and don’t mind suspending disbelief now and then frequently, this may be the perfect book for you. This is not literary fiction in any way, shape or form – it’s pure mind candy, and I love it! It’s got a few unusual aspects for this type of novel, including the fact that a young girl is part of the expedition team. Picture Indiana Jones and a small team of experts with him, also trying to keep a 10 year old girl safe and somewhat sheltered through every step of their adventure, and you have a good idea how this book plays out.

Something New for the New Year!

We’ve got more books for you! We took a few days over the holidays to set up 5 extra bookshelves, that are now filled to the brim with more titles for you to peruse. We’ve expanded Mystery, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Graphic Novels, Young Readers, Teens, Fiction, and Classics. Come have a peek… we’re happy to help you find whatever you’re looking for.

The Elegant Universe

Do you enjoy learning about science, physics, etc? I do. My frustration is that many of the books that deal with the topics I’m interested in elegant universeare written for people in the field, and often are technical texts above my level of understanding of the particular subject matter.

Enter The Elegant Universe, by Brian Greene. This book covers everything from Einstein’s basic and general theories of relativity, through string theory and superstring theory, additional dimensions, the possibility of a grand unifying theory and our current beliefs of how that would work… It’s fabulous. He uses clear examples and explanations, making some of the most sophisticated scientific theories accessible to anyone who wants to learn about them – even someone like me who hasn’t taken a physics class since high school. The surprising part, though? How much of the author’s sense of humour comes through. I have a bit of a soft spot for geeks, but a geek who thinks he’s funny, and is actually funny, is fabulous! It’s an entertaining book, and one I highly recommend if you love learning about the universe we live in!

For the Grinch in your life…

We have just what you need!

We’ve got some handmade activated charcoal soap, cut and bagged to look like lumps of coal. It’s perfect for a gag gift, or the naughty person on your list. These ones are glycerin and activated charcoal, scented with mango and papaya. We’ve also got goat’s milk and activated charcoal, scented with eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils. Or, if you like activated charcoal soap, but would prefer a bar, just let us know.

Lumps of Coal Soap

Handspun Yarn and Emergency Yarn Stash Ornaments

handspun by AngeleLooking for something for your favourite yarn-lover?  We’ve got a few skeins of locally handspun yarn on hand for an extra special treat. The current selection ranges from rustic Cheviot to squishy organic Polwarth, and from $15 to $53 (for a giant 145 gram skein). We also still have a lovely selection of Laughing Lambs Woolery yarn – locally produced yarn from locally raised sheep.

If you’re looking for a little stocking stuffer, we’ve also got limited quantities of handmade “emergency yarn stash” Christmas tree ornaments at $4 each.

Free Range Knitter

free range knitterI love the title of this book. The very first time I heard about it, I knew I had to read it.

First of all, Stehanie Pearl-McPhee is a hilarious author, and I’ve loved everything I’ve read of hers. I wasn’t disappointed this time around either. I love her stories, and she tells them brilliantly. Her books are always full of fabulous knitting-related stories, but my favourite from this book is her letter exchange with a customer service rep from a large company when she ran out of yarn in mid-project. You’ll laugh with her, curse along with her, and come out smiling knowing that, you too, have lived some of these stories.

If you’re a knitter who hasn’t read this yet, or if you have a knitter on your Christmas list, this book is my recommendation!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Well, I’m in a Christmas mood, at any rate! The beginning of December always brings a certain amount of panic for me as I worry about how much time I have left to finish my Christmas gifts.

We want to help alleviate that stress for all of you! If you’ve seen something that you like at the shop, whether it’s your favourite tea, a handknit hat, a purse, or anything else for that matter, let us know. Then let your personal Santa know you have a wishlist here. We’ll be happy to share it when Santa asks!

The Martian

Did you see the movie? I thought it was awesome. You know what, though? The book is way better!The Martian

So many of my favourite parts in The Martian are about Mark’s struggles. Many of these were omitted completely, and others were cut drastically shorter, which made sense for the movie, but still made me a little sad. I loved learning about Mark’s emotional state through his time on Mars, and as he faced various challenges. I also loved that you got to read a little more about the science Mark used and the reasons behind some of his decisions. And if you like action, the last 50 sols on Mars in the book are fabulous. There’s a whole set of things on his trek to the Ares 4 site that is completely omitted in the movie. You’ve got to read the book!

Ooh, and an extra little tidbit – this book was self-published before it was picked up by a main stream publisher, and the two versions have two slightly different endings. If you can get your hands on both, it’s an interesting comparison.

Handmade Soap

New soaps

If you’ve been eyeing the dwindling choices in my handmade soap basket, I have good news for you! I brought two new batches in to the shop this week – a creamy white Apple Cider scented Mango and Shea Butter soap, and a translucent Maple Sugar scented Olive Oil and Glycerin soap. Come have a sniff – it’s guaranteed to have less calories than anything maple you could eat! :)

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