Dollar Days

We decided it was time for another $1 book sale – all books on our markdown table are now only $1 each. If there’s anything you’re interested in, now’s the time!

Delivery Day!

We got in a beautiful shipment of Merino 3/6 from Fleece Artist this morning. It’s a plump, squishy, heavy DK/light worsted 3 ply yarn, with great stitch definition and amazing colours. Here’s a sneak peak of a few of the colours, but you have to squish this one!

Merino 3 6

The Mayan Prophecy

The Mayan ProphecyI first read a Steve Alten novel when a friend jokingly pointed out his Meg series as a joke (prehistoric Megalodon in modern day waters). I loved it! This past month, I decided it was time to try another from his Domain Trilogy this time: The Mayan Prophecy. It was an interesting look at an old story. The story begins as we meet Michael Gabriel, a long-term patient in a psychiatric ward, and the new intern assigned to his case. Michael’s father had some pretty unbelievable theories about the origins and meanings of the monolithic structures we’ve all studied in history classes, and was exiled from the scientific community. Michael believes that the fate of all mankind rests on his father’s research, though, and so… the adventure begins.

Buttons Galore!

Are you looking for the perfect button for your handknits? We just got in a whole new shipment, with a variety of styles, from bright kids buttons, to rustic wood buttons to classic metallic ones. Here’s a sneak peek of a few styles:

buttons 5

The Gi Diet by Rick Gallop

gi dietI don’t read diet books, but when customers buy multiple copies so they have spares to lend out, I knew I had to have a look. It’s actually a really great book, with a very common sense approach to nutrition. Foods are basically divided into 3 categories – the ones you can eat as much as you want of, those you should eat in moderation, and those you should stay away from whenever possible, based on their glycemic index. There’s no calorie or point counting, and it’s so flexible, you can eat out just about anywhere and still follow the plan with ease. It’s also a simple plan that’s easy to remember, and yet doesn’t make you feel like you should beat yourself up if you do eat all the foods in the “avoid” category. It was a good book, and we have a couple of copies left if you would like to take a look for yourself.


Deal time!

If you were eyeing our purses while they were on sale in December, you’ll be happy to know we’ve decided to extend the sale to the end of January. We’ve also got a whole new selection of books on the sale table – all at a 50 to 80% discount.

Come check them out!

Do you deserve a little Yarn Indulgence?

I think I do! If you do, too, come check out our new shipment of Yarn Indulgences yarn. We’ve got both the Zed MCN Worsted and Zed Luxe Sock. Both are a merino, cashmere and nylon blend that feels luxurious and drapes amazingly. They’re also dyed by a Canadian Indie dyer, and the whole Zed line of yarns is sourced right here in Canada. Here’s a sneak peek of the worsted:


Purse sale!

If you’ve been eyeing one of our purses, now’s the time to treat yourself. All our purses are 20% off for the month of December. Come check them out!


For Better or For Worse…

I love Lynn Johnston’s For Better or For Worse comics – especially the earlier ones. I would sit down every Saturday morning with the paper, and find the funnies, and these were always the first ones I read. Even now, many, many years later, I can pick one up, and re-read it, and it instantly puts a smile on my face. We have several of the For Better or For Worse collections in stock. Come check them out, and bring back memories of your childhood! Here’s one of my favourites:

Things are Looking Up

Lucky Man and Always Looking Up

I never used to read biographies, but a friend recommended Michael J. Fox’s Lucky Man and Always Looking Up. These were the first of many memoirs for me, as I loved them both. Growing up in the 80’s, I had fond memories of his TV and movie roles from early on, but didn’t know much about his more recent struggles with Parkinsons, or what led him to become the activist he is known as today. They were sad at times, of course, but if I had to pick a single word to describe these memoirs, I would choose optimistic. I also liked that they were written by Michael himself – the writing style might perhaps be a little less polished than that of a professional biography writer, but I liked that he was describing his journey in his own words, even if it was less of a chronological look at his life than I expected. I found both books to be fascinating looks at his life – both from the aspect of how he dealt with his disease, his career and his family, and from the aspect of his transition from public figure/actor to private family man and back to public figure/activist. If you’re looking for a good biography, why not give one of them a try?

Always Looking UpLucky Man

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